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Peace of Mind in an Environmental Emergency »

Posted 2017-03-17
Being faced with an unexpected oil spill situation can be very frightening if you don’t have steps and plans in place to properly handle the emergency situation. Being prepared and having a trusted environmental spill cleanup and remediation company by your side can be a critical...

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Using Frac Tanks for Your On-Site Storage and Disposal Needs »

Posted 2017-03-01
Throughout our 30 years in business, Evergreen AES has served a wide range of industries across many states in various applications of environmental consultation, clean up and disposal as well as frac tank services. With our seven strategically placed branches throughout the Midwest located in...

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Is asbestos affecting your working or living conditions? »

Posted 2017-02-22
Asbestos has been in the news lately with new scientific research findings on asbestos’s effects on the human body, as well as risks associated with the presence of asbestos in a number of commercial and industrial applications. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally...

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Trusted Environmental Clean Up Company »

Posted 2017-01-30
As an industry-leading environmental cleanup company, we always strive to maintain a delicate balance between humans and the environment through our delicate application of science, engineering, environmental management and OHSA risk management in our approach to environmental cleaning....

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Working With a Trusted Partner for Hazardous Waste Management »

Posted 2017-01-26
When it comes to proper management, identification, clean up and disposal of hazardous waste products, no corners should be cut. The hazardous waste management process includes detecting and identifying chemical and non-chemical pollutants in the air, water, and soil that could...

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Water Blasting and Water Jetting Industrial Cleaning »

Posted 2017-01-03
At Evergreen AES, we realize the importance of dealing with a qualified and trusted industrial cleaning company that provides a complete line of services needed for proper industrial cleaning and remediation. As part of our complete industrial cleaning services, we offer water blasting or ...

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Using Certified and Licensed Contractor for Asbestos Removal »

Posted 2016-11-30
Asbestos is a very serious air pollution particulate that can be extremely harmful and even deadly if inhaled. At Evergreen AES, over the years we have tested, removed and contained hundreds of asbestos-affected sites, with the utmost dedication to proper containment, removal and disposal of the...

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24 Hour Emergency Spill Response »

Posted 2016-09-26
Unfortunately, unexpected spills of hazardous and non-hazardous materials happen without warning or anticipation and can pose a dangerous risk to humans, the environment and property. That’s why it’s extremely important to work with a trusted, certified and experienced 24-hour spill...

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Roll Off Boxes and Dumpster Rental in Kentucky Ohio Tennessee Indiana »

Posted 2016-08-30
Roll Off Boxes or dumpsters are a great way to dispose of home remodel debris, yard projects, and for the general removal of large items. At Evergreen AES, we offer convenient roll-off box rental/dumpster rental services, including on location delivery, pickup and debris disposal all as part of...

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Site Investigation Services and Geotechnical Surveys »

Posted 2016-07-26
When determining the engineering properties for a plot of land, it’s extremely important to hire a qualified, experienced site investigation and remediation company. Through our expert site investigation services, we are able to determine the land’s possible engineering properties...

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Chemical Spill Response and Waste Disposal »

Posted 2016-06-28
Regardless of the scale and size of any chemical spill, hiring a trusted and experience chemical spill response company is the key to properly handling the issue. Depending on the type of chemical spill, proper emergency and remediation protocols should be followed to eliminate any further...

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Marine Spill Response in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana »

Posted 2016-05-27
At Evergreen AES we provide integrated hazardous waste clean up and disposal services to a wide range of industrial and commercial businesses. Throughout the years we have handled hundreds of emergency spill response projects including marine spill response, toxic waste clean up and oil spills...

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Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal »

Posted 2016-04-28
As part of our complete hazardous waste management services, at Evergreen AES we also offer outstanding hazardous waste removal and disposal services to a wide range of industries and customers in the Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana areas. Over the years, we have invested into state of the...

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Vacuum Truck Services and Vacuum Truck Rentals »

Posted 2016-03-23
If your project is in need of transportation of a solid, liquid, sludge or slurry to a different location, whether for general storage or for disposal, vacuum truck services might be the right fit for your project. Evergreen AES is an experienced environmental contractor and remediation...

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Frac Tanks - Industry Application and Benefits »

Posted 2016-03-01
If your business is in need of temporary storage for water or other liquid products, the rental of a frac tank could be the perfect solution for your specific storage needs. Frac tanks are large, 21,000 gallon storage units that can be transported to any location for convenient,...

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Roll Off Box Rental Services »

Posted 2016-01-28
At Evergreen AES, we specialize in providing our customers with a wide range of on-site storage and clean up equipment and materials. Over the years we have provided rental, set up, delivery and disposal services for roll-off boxes, vacuum boxes, frac tanks and other products across a number...

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Environmental Remediation Services in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee »

Posted 2015-11-18
Over the years, Evergreen AES has built a strong reputation in the industry for expert environmental consulting, remediation, waste management and disposal, and hazardous and toxic waste removal services. Environmental Remediation Industry Leader As a leader in the environmental...

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Environmental Services in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee »

Posted 2015-10-16
At Evergreen AES, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of environmental services to a wide variety of clients. Our Environmental Services include environmental assessment, environmental consulting, environmental compliance, environmental remediation and environmental management services....

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Hazardous Waste Removal and Management »

Posted 2015-09-15
The abundance of hazardous waste in our environment creates a very real need for qualified and experienced hazardous waste disposal and mitigation companies. As a certified hazardous waste management contractor, Evergreen AES offers a wide range of waste removal and disposal services ...

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Selecting the Right Environmental Consulting Company »

Posted 2015-08-25

As highly experienced and dedicated environmental consultants, we have over 300 years of combined experience in the environmental services field. When selecting us for your environmental consulting needs, you can rest assured that we are the right fit for the job.

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