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Our Qualifications

Our employees have over 300 years of combined experience in the environmental field. We believe that responsiveness and customer attention are the most important aspects of environmental services and are committed to the needs of our clients in all situations. We place a strong commitment on personnel availability and prompt response to our clients’ needs, thereby ensuring they receive the technical resources when needed.

This Commitment is Demonstrated Through:

  • Routinely responding to important situations at any time of the day or night with minimal notice.
  • Completing projects at non-traditional times and working around client schedules.
  • Accelerating projects to provide rapid results whenever required.
  • Dedicating personnel to critical projects to ensure consistent and effective response throughout task activities.

Below Are Some Of Our Pertinent Certifications:

  • OSRO #96—For release in rivers or canals in the Ohio River Valley sector
  • Hazardous Material Certification of Registration 061908550091QR
  • Kentucky Certified Fund Contractor #18
  • Drug Free Workplace Certification #53
  • Ohio Building Constructor Contractor #CBR0100544
  • Indiana Underground Storage Tank Certification # UC2005KY233015
  • FCC Registration # 11618395
  • Tennessee Used Oil ID#TND 98-147-3945
  • Tennessee Contractor License #53733
  • Tennessee Corrective Action Contract # C0457

Our Clients

Our clients are our driving force. We are proud to be the trusted environment consultants for a variety of transportation, industrial, hospital, and Emergency Response Managers in our locations.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our clients to reduce the burden of their daily work load. If we do not live up to these expectations, we will discount our invoice to our clients appropriately.