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Applications of Hydro-Excavation Techniques

Posted 2020-09-21
Applications of Hydro-Excavation Techniques

Hydro-Excavation is a method which utilizes water vacuum processes to break up soil around a desired area in a safe, non-damaging way that can then be vacuumed up and transported off-site to any desired location. Because hydro excavation is a very precise and non-destructive method of excavation, there is little chance of disruption or damage to any surrounding underground utilities or underground structures. With precision hydro-excavation equipment, we are able to penetrate various soil conditions, depths, and angles, all with the goal of preserving the natural surroundings and excavating only the necessary areas.

With our approach to innovative and safe environmental services and environment preservation, we utilize hydro excavation techniques for effective and efficient removal of any hazardous material from the ground, all without having to disturb surrounding areas and utilities. In addition to using hydro excavation for environmental cleanup efforts, hydro excavation can be applied in various other scenarios including:

Remote Excavation Areas

In areas where traditional excavation equipment is too large to fit, small compact hydro-excavation techniques allow us to access small, crowded areas and quickly and cost efficiently excavate the necessary components without having to utilize the traditional, manual, high cost approach.


In instances where contractors are having to verify or identify either size, depth, or type of underground utilities, hydro-excavation services can be utilized as a quick, safe, and non-damaging method of uncovering and identifying current underground utilities.


Daylighting is a method of exposing existing underground pipes, lines, and utilities for any necessary replacement, assessment, or repair without any unnecessary damage to the existing utility or pipe lines. Instead of the old, traditional methods of using backhoes, which can cause extensive damage and disruption to the utility lines, or by manually hand-digging techniques, hydro excavation offers a safer, more precise way of daylighting any necessary equipment.

Slot Trenching

Another great application of hydro excavation is slot trenching, which is a process of narrow trenching to install any necessary cables, pipes, or other underground utilities with a precision, non-destructive trenching process.

If your company is ever in need any type of excavation services where precision and cost-effective application is of the essence, consider utilizing our latest hydro-excavation techniques. Contact us today with any questions regarding possible applications of the services and see if hydro-excavation is the right fit for your project.

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