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Mercury Disposal and Remediation

Posted 2018-06-06
Mercury Disposal and Remediation

Did you know that Evergreen AES provides advanced Mercury Disposal and Remediation services? With our thorough process, our certified technicians are able to survey any facility for possible mercury contamination, using high-tech equipment to remediate mercury and the potential hazards that mercury exposure causes, bringing the location back to safe human habitation levels. With our close relationships with various hazardous waste disposal facilities, we are able to provide quick, experienced mercury disposal and remediation services.

Unfortunately, even the smallest amount of mercury can result in a highly toxic situation for any environment. When metallic mercury becomes exposed to the air, the particles evaporate and become prone to inhalation. Airborne mercury is highly toxic and can be extremely harmful to human health, especially when inhaled.

Immediate and accurate detection of high mercury levels is extremely important for remediation. Proper mercury detection requires sophisticated equipment, and we utilize the latest mercury remediation technology, including the Mercury Tracker 3000, to measure mercury contamination levels in the air and identify the necessary requirements to remediate mercury exposure and contamination levels. This advanced technology uses optical cells to detect the slightest mercury vapors, and we offer 24-hour around the clock emergency response services for mercury detection and remediation.

If you’re ever in need of a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable Mercury Remediation and Detection company, you can count on Evergreen AES to be your trusted partner with our 24-hour emergency response mercury services. Call us today, we offer services in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia. We are ready to help!

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