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Underground Storage Tank Removal and Excavation Services

Posted 2018-05-23
Underground Storage Tank Removal and Excavation

State and Federal Regulation of Underground Storage Tanks

In the 1980s, both State and Federal government began implementing programs and regulations for Underground Storage Tanks (UST) containing petroleum and other hazardous materials. These regulations establish a set of specific guidelines for the closure and removal of Underground Storage Tanks to prevent harmful leaks and spills. Potential tank spills could negatively impact environmentally sensitive areas that we rely on, such as groundwater, lakes, creeks, streams, and wetlands, as well as air contamination. Further, vapors from leaking Underground Storage Tanks can travel through utility conduits into buildings, creating possible fires and explosion hazards.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Process

The process of removing USTs from below the ground surface requires an in-depth technical process and preparation, involving both precise excavation techniques and compliance with all governmental laws.

At Evergreen AES, we have over 300 years of combined environmental consulting and remediation experience. Using our knowledge and expertise, we have properly excavated and removed hundreds of Underground Storage Tanks from a variety of situations, working both with state, federal and local regulatory authorities to ensure UST system closures and extractions are handled in accordance with all laws and regulations.

Our typical UST removal project includes:

  • Preparation and submission of application for Underground Storage Tank Removal to appropriate regulatory authorities
  • Development of site-specific health and safety plan and precautionary actions
  • Pre-excavation hazardous material management and spill prevention actions
  • Disposal of any hazardous waste associated with the excavation process
  • Tank removal, hauling, and disposal in accordance with Federal and State EPA Regulations
  • Soil sampling, analysis and environmental assessment

Our experienced and certified environmental technicians take pride in our exceptional reputation for safety, quality engineering, and UST management services. Regardless of the scope or size of your Underground Storage Tank removal project, with Evergreen AES you can be sure you’ll receive outstanding quality service, within budget, and in compliance with applicable UST regulations. Contact Evergreen AES today for any Underground Storage Tank removal or remediation needs.

Our Clients

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