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Water Blasting and Water Jetting Industrial Cleaning

Posted 2017-01-03

At Evergreen AES, we realize the importance of dealing with a qualified and trusted industrial cleaning company that provides a complete line of services needed for proper industrial cleaning and remediation. As part of our complete industrial cleaning services, we offer water blasting or water jetting services for a wide range of industrial cleaning needs.

Water blasting applications are limitless and can be used in a number of industrial applications, including:

  • Large Surface Cleaning, such as parking lots, wall and hulls
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning, including surface interior and exterior to remove any surface residue
  • Pipe, Conduits and Sewer Line water blasting, including large diameter lines as well as small pipes
  • Heat Transfer Equipment Cleaning to return any equipment to it’s original peak performance.
  • Surface Preparation and removal for any surface contaminants.

Unlike other possible contaminant and general industrial cleaning methods, water blasting cleaning has many benefits including:

  • Water Blasting is cleaner and less wasteful than any other source of industrial cleaning method
  • Water Blasting cleaning does not cause damage to any sensitive areas such as connecting joints or seams
  • It is a perfect solution for a containment-free prepared surface
  • Water blasting is a dust-free environment, allowing coating and preparation to happen while surface cleaning is done
  • Over the years, we have successfully completed thousands of water blasting projects as part of our industrial cleaning services across a wide range of industries. Our professional water blasting technicians can thoroughly assess any project and propose the most efficient and cost effective method for a proper water blasting and jetting approach.

    With multiple locations throughout the Midwest, we provide complete water blasting and water jetting services in Kentucky, Indiana, Tenseness, Ohio and West Virginia.

Our Clients

Our clients are our driving force. We are proud to be the trusted environment consultants for a variety of transportation, industrial, hospital, and Emergency Response Managers in our locations.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our clients to reduce the burden of their daily work load. If we do not live up to these expectations, we will discount our invoice to our clients appropriately.