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Site Safety

Evergreen AES is committed and dedicated to promote job site safety for all employees in the workplace with every project.

Site Safety

In order to eliminate work place accidents and promote employee health and safety, Evergreen AES has adopted and practices the general OSHA HAZWOPER and General Construction regulations as applicable to all job site safety situations and projects. Our Health and Safety Director is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of this Safety Policy while at Evergreen AES offices and client facilities.

Workplace Safety Goals and Track Record

Throughout all of our environmental remediation and environmental consulting services, Evergreen AES’ safety goal continues to be zero lost time and reportable accidents. We track and update annual progress towards our goals, provide quarterly reporting to management of job site safety, including all incidents and near misses. Quarterly notifications of occurrences are also provided to all offices for distribution to employees with ongoing safety and policy reviews.

On daily basis, a site safety meeting is held by the Project Manager, Branch Manager or Site Supervisor at the beginning of each day or shift, before any work commences, to ensure that all jobs are conducted in a professionally safe manner at all times. Site hazards are identified at this time and communicated and discussed with the personnel.

Site safety is of primary importance on all Evergreen AES projects.

New Hires and Employee Safety

New hires and temporary employees are identified, appropriately supervised, trained, and monitored to prevent accident injuries and damages to themselves, others, company and/or client property and/or the environment. It is the responsibility of every employee to be aware of site safety concerns on job sites, in the offices, and in vehicles. Project Managers, Branch Managers and Site Supervisors have the primary responsibility for job site safety. All personnel must follow safety directives of the Director of Health and Safety, Project Managers, Branch Managers or Site Supervisors to ensure compliance with Evergreen AES’ safety policy.

Evergreen AES is proud to have an interstate EMR rating below 1.0. We have current memberships with ISNetworld, NCMS and MICCS who provided third party tracking of safety programs and compliance.

Our Clients

Our clients are our driving force. We are proud to be the trusted environment consultants for a variety of transportation, industrial, hospital, and Emergency Response Managers in our locations.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our clients to reduce the burden of their daily work load. If we do not live up to these expectations, we will discount our invoice to our clients appropriately.