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Mercury Disposal

Environmental remediation is a term used to describe the removal of pollutants or contaminants found in the environment.

Mercury Disposal and Remediation

Evergreen AES can provide mercury disposal through our contacts with various hazardous waste disposal facilities. Airborne mercury is highly toxic when inhaled. Metallic mercury slowly evaporates when exposed to the air. The air in a room can reach unhealthy levels just from the small amount of mercury in a broken thermometer.

Evergreen AES utilizes a Mercury Tracker 3000 to measure the mercury concentration in air and other gases. It has multiple applications including:

  • Mercury surveys
  • Mercury spills screening
  • Work place monitoring to avoid mercury exposure
  • Ground air screening
  • Investigation of contaminated sites
  • Hazardous waste inspection

Field screening instruments are extremely important in mercury detection and remediation. Types range from real time sampling instruments to detection tubes. The Tracker 3000 is a real time instrument which utilizes an optical cell to detect mercury vapors and has a low detection limit of 0.1 µg/m³.

Evergreen AES is available 24 hours a day to respond to reports of mercury releases throughout KY, IN, OH, and TN. With the use of the Tracker 3000, the contaminants can be isolated and re-mediated to levels safe for human habitation. Once the immediate danger of exposure is contained, Evergreen AES will make all the necessary arrangements for mercury disposal as required by local, state, and federal regulations.

Our Clients

Our clients are our driving force. We are proud to be the trusted environment consultants for a variety of transportation, industrial, hospital, and Emergency Response Managers in our locations.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our clients to reduce the burden of their daily work load. If we do not live up to these expectations, we will discount our invoice to our clients appropriately.