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Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks are used to remove contaminated water, grease, oil, sludge, dirt, wood chips, ash, stone and any other materials capable of being extracted through the specially designed hoses.

Vacuum Truck

Evergreen AES maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks with a wide variety of capabilities. They are useful for all types of industrial cleaning when safe removal of waste is required. Services provided can be for routine maintenance projects or emergency situations if needed.

Once extraction is completed, materials can be off-loaded to drums or roll-off boxes and delivered for recycling or disposal as the situation dictates. Vacuum trucks can also transport materials directly to any client approved disposal facility.

Evergreen AES offers state-of-the-art vacuum truck service combined with a team of trained individuals committed to safety and excellent customer service. Our services meet all OSHA and environmental regulations for industrial cleaning contractors. Our team of vacuum truck service technicians is ready to meet your industrial cleaning needs.

Our commitment to excellence in training, safety, response time and the environment brings an exceptional value to every project and client.


These wet/dry vacuum truck are equipped with rear hydraulic door and dumping ability and provide a wide selection of industrial cleaning services. Some units are also be equipped with a mobile pressure washing unit (supplies 3,000 psi of water at 120? F) to assist in the cleaning process. Evergreen/AES personnel are thoroughly trained in the operation and safety requirements of vacuum trucks and are licensed commercial drivers.


This truck is set up for hydro excavation and has a high pressure side mount hose with digging wand and a low pressure side mount hose for cleanup. There is a front mounted reel with 500 feet of hose which is used for jetting debris/clogged pipes. Our high power and high efficiency hydro-excavation machine make even the toughest excavating jobs easy and safe. Designed to power through all kinds of difficult terrain including frozen or unfrozen ground this truck delivers more power.

Non-destructive hydraulic excavating machines use pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig precisely and make visual identification of existing underground utilities like gas lines, fiber optics, T-1′s, etc., so they can be easily avoided. Hydro-excavating machines reduce the time on a project by eliminating delays caused by cutting unexpected wires or cables. It is also much safer than mechanical excavation methods. This vacuum truck gives you the power for safe, nondestructive excavating for municipalities, utility companies and contractors. It will excavate horizontally or vertically.


Our High-Rail Vacuum truck is a rail-ready, boom equipped self-contained vehicle that uses vacuum power to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds. Material that is removed is stored in the high-rail’s large collection tank for subsequent treatment and disposal or reuse. This vacuum truck can operate on both rail and road.

The advantage to this equipment is that the unique chair and operation station allows a single operator to move the vehicle along the rails and control the vacuum loading system simultaneously. Being able to control the entire piece of equipment from one position is an important safety and efficiency design.


Evergreen AES sweeper vacuum trucks can be used for many applications to clean faster and with greater efficiency. These trucks are the ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries. Sweeper vacs also have the capability to spray dust suppression or cleaning agents and then remove with the high powered vacuum unit.

The regenerative air sweeper gives clients a powerful sweeper unit with unequaled versatility, flexibility and productivity. The recirculating vacuum sweeper efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways.


  • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Pits and Sumps
  • Underground Storage Tank Pit Water Removal
  • Underground Storage Tank and Above-ground Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Water From Underneath In-Service Tanks
  • Standing Free Product From Ground Surface
  • Drum Vacuuming
  • Emergency Spill Response Containment and Cleanup
  • General Plant Cleaning
  • Hydroblaster Capabilities (on truck) 10,000 psi at 32-Gallons per Minute
  • Industrial Cleanout – Liquid/Heavy Sludge Removal
  • Elevator Shaft Cleanout
  • Filter Housing for Dust Free Applications (such as grain/flour)
  • Electrical Baghouse – Cleanout Filter
  • Aluminum Shavings Removal
  • Blast Rock/Dirt Between Railroad Tracks
  • Equipped with High-Rail System for On-Track Loading
  • Storm Drain Cleanouts

Our Clients

Our clients are our driving force. We are proud to be the trusted environment consultants for a variety of transportation, industrial, hospital, and Emergency Response Managers in our locations.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service to our clients to reduce the burden of their daily work load. If we do not live up to these expectations, we will discount our invoice to our clients appropriately.