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Storage Tank Removal

Evergreen AES is certified to perform tank removal of both Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs).

Storage Tank Removal

Evergreen AES can also provide upgrades of existing tanks, tank tightness testing, tank monitoring systems, and UST/AST Registrations. Evergreen AES has personnel who are certified by the State as removers and installers and can provide EPA closure plans for remediation of contaminated soils in the event a tank system should leak pollutants to the environment.

Evergreen AES UST/AST Tank Removal Process:

To properly complete the tank removal, Evergreen AES will complete sampling, analysis and documentation as required by regulatory authorities, including filing of the Closure Report.
  • This process includes preparation and submission of documentation to the proper regulatory authorities.
  • Minor amounts of residual products including sludge, cleaning liquids, and any water accumulated in the tank are removed from the tank and placed in DOT approved 55-gallon drums with proper labeling.
  • Any electrical supply to the tank(s) will be disconnected. Any concrete/asphalt above the tank(s) and piping shall be removed and disposed of by appropriate methods.
  • The tank and piping within the tank excavation will be exposed.
  • The soil removed will be staged and protected from the elements of weather to minimize the potential for spreading petroleum contamination.
  • The tank will be removed from the excavation along with adjacent piping.
  • The pump foundation will be removed from the ground.
  • The tank will be degassed.
  • The interior of the tank(s) will be cleaned of residual traces of petroleum products.
  • The tank will be cut up if possible and disposed of in accordance with Federal and State EPA regulation.

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